In our current and growing society, things are expanding in every way possible. Everywhere we look people are constantly on devices of some sort, but no one really thinks about how this is all possible. How are all of the electronic dots connected to ensure that we are constantly able to communicate? Behind the scenes there are endless smart technologies that are theoretically the backbone of our society. In the article “The Technologies Building The Smart Cities of The Future” by Susan Fourtane, the different background technologies are discussed and the different categories that they fit under. Geospatial Technology is one example that Fourtane discusses in the article that is one of the ways that urban areas are able to start to build their smart city. This type of technology is what really had me thinking about the background work that goes on which no one notices. There is constant data analyzing going on in the background of our daily lives that interprets the cities technological foundation. Another groundbreaking topic discussed was robotics. People always used to refer to robots as this unrealistic euphoric topic, but now it has become a reality that we will see in the near future. The idea that Japan is going to introduce robot taxis in 2020 is a mind boggling thought considering it sounds like a scene from a sci-fi movie. The Blockchain trailer got me thinking about how much potential technology has to change and reform our society to being positively uplifted by it.

Although one thing that I did not think about until the second article on  by Arman Tabatabai, was infrastructure. We can discuss a smart city all we want, but we still need to have physical buildings and places in which this can take place. Tabatabai’s writing made me realize that this snazzy idea of having a technology run city does not come easy and honestly, we are not incredibly close to living in a smart city. It is going to take a lot of work and more companies to invest in these upbringings of smart cities.

Overall, these two articles made me think about the behind the scenes of most of societies everyday life. We all have technology constantly in our hand or in our possession that we can use to communicate with people within seconds. No one thinks twice about how our system of technological living occurs, but it is something that I started to think about while reading Fourtane and Tabatabai’s articles. Although it doesn’t look like these smart cities will be here in the next year or two, it is a work in progress that is a very utopian and mind blowing concept and I am excited to see how it plays out.