Recently there has been a big discussion wether technology affects our learning or not. In my opinion and through research and class discussions I have come to the conclusion that technology has affected or learning for the worse. Through researching the affects I picked two articles: one that claims technology is good for learning and the other that disagrees. The article I read which gives some positives about technology and education is an article written from Purdue Universities online website. This article talks about how technology has made accessing information easier for the world, technology allows the learners to interact within class more due to online class discussion or activities that a teacher may not be able to provide physically but rather online and also claims how technology has changed the role of teachers and learners. The reason why is because back when technology was not readily available the teacher would usually be a first source for these leaners information but with technology that is taken away because learners are able to do their own research.  The other article I read that was more towards the fact that technology is negatively affecting learning is from an article written by Andrew Martin Maps, a professor from the Educational Psychology Department at The School of Education at The University of New South Wales. The article discusses that the over usage of technology is not good for a learner because they become too distracted and takes away from muscle memory learning. Lastly, Andrew Martin explained that kids getting used to technology makes them too dependent and takes them away from books and physical learning. After reading this is made me think even more how technology has negativity affected learning.